Help Application. Your Emergency Response App

  • Protect yourself, your loved ones and your friends & colleagues.
  • Designed by Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Police and ALS Paramedics.
  • Call Emergency Services for help straight from the app.
  • HELP gives the information required by Emergency Services in a clear and simple format so they can respond faster.
  • HELP sends SMS alerts to all your chosen contacts and calls rescue workers immediately! Your contacts will know where you are and be able to help.
  • HELP displays vital information for emergency responders and hospital staff; medical history / conditions, allergies, medications, blood group, emergency contacts and doctor's information.
  • HELP also lets your chosen contacts know when you're ok.
  • HELP automatically updates Emergency contact numbers for Fire, Police and Ambulance when you travel abroad.
  • In non life threatening emergencies HELP FIND gives you access to important services, whether at home or travelling.
  • HELP FIND gives location based listings for Healthcare Providers, hospitals, doctors, dentists and pharmacies. Call any provider from the app, view their location, directions and websites.
  • HELP FIND can be used every day to HELP FIND ATMs, banks, gas stations and other useful and essential services through Google Places.

If you're out walking in a park, in the hills, at the beach, travelling abroad or just need to alert someone of your whereabouts - this app will simplify explaining where you are. You can get HELP faster with the accuracy of your phone's GPS.

Your contacts will receive an SMS stating that you are in some trouble and your approximate location provided by Google, which they can then use to navigate to your location or notify emergency services.

HELP can save you or a loved one's life!