Help Application. Your Emergency Response App


This Privacy Policy is for the Application HELP and the activities of Help Apps Ltd who are the company responsible for producing the App. The App is designed for the user to contact Emergency Services, Message their own chosen contacts and pass onto Emergency Services or their own contacts their approximate location as determined by the location of the device. The app also allows user to transmit information to third parties via text message. Help Apps Ltd does not store any of the information used by you on any external drives or devices. The information is retained by you on your device and any of the devices you transmit your data to. Help Apps Ltd is not responsible for the data you transmit or the data retained on your device.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the future the application HELP’s Privacy Policy may be revised. Help Apps Ltd reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time by displaying a new version of the policy on the HELP Application website or in future updates of the application. The amended Privacy Policy will apply whether or not Help Apps Ltd has given you notice of any change. Help Apps Ltd recommends that you check the HELP application Emergency Website located at: and review the privacy policy of any future application updates.